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We're Always Looking to Grow...

TasteUSA Festival Management

currently organizes and manages

15 Food and Drink Festivals in the U.S.


What We’re Good at:

  • Foodie Themed Festivals – Good – a beer festival, Better – a taco, beer & tequila festival, Even Better – how about with a Churros & Chocolate Pavilion too? We get it!
  • Buzz – Digital Marketing is the only way to go, and we use Facebook, Google Ads and email like no one else – because we have a unique position – we are the go to producer of food and drink festivals!
  • Ticket Sales – If a Taco falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it… you get the point – attendees, especially attendees with money to spend on your vendors (because they’re super excited you’re doing this amazing festival just for them!) MAKE the festival experience!
  • Making it happen – we organize, manage, oversee, name a verb for logistics – we run these things and know all the Ins and Outs of a foodie fest!

The Bottom Line – We get results – more attendees, better vendors, fun Sponsorship activations and ultimately happy festival-goers with bragging rights among their peers – we often Sell Out our festivals months in advance!

What We’re Looking for:

  • Great locations anywhere in the U.S. to land one or more of our food and drink festivals – we will go wherever the opportunities are..
  • Venues – Large enough to accommodate minimum 600+ reception-style Indoors or minimum 2,500+ Outdoors – we need space for all of our attendees and successful concepts!
  • Grow our festivals – see below for our current list of food and drink festival concepts – we will grow 1 or more in your area!
  • Vendors and Sponsors – let us know if you want to be a part of the funnest festivals in the U.S.!
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